Why can't i hack the money with cheat engine?

TheInsaneHacker It seems lượt thích some of the important completionist hacks don"t work, which includes:- Aukhổng lồ Collect Sun & Coins- Infinite coins- Infinite chocolate- Infinite tree of wisdom fertilizerI know you said you won"t continue to lớn update this table, but I would REALLY appreciate it if you could create a hotfix.Thank you ever so much for this awesome table!How to lớn use this cheat table?Install Cheat EngineDouble-clichồng the .CT file in order to open it.Cliông chồng the PC ibé in Cheat Engine in order to lớn select the game process.Keep the list.Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

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Hi,You can Find a Sun & Coins multiplier cheat table attached here. I have sầu made it per request of someone. You can also add it in your main Plants vs zombies cheat table of course.Keep in mind, make sure khổng lồ use the GOTY version of the game.

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Here is my Plants vs zombies gian lận.Made for the trò chơi Of The Year version.Options:- Auto lớn Collect Sun & Coins- Infinite sun- Instant recharge- Invincible plants- Place anywhere- Hit anywhere (very rare)- Hungry Chompers- No Zombies (Zombies cannot spawn)- Instant Activate Potato lớn Mine- Disable Cooldown for Cob Cannon- Disable/Heal Ground Damage- Disable Magnet-shroom Cooldown- Infinite lawnmowers- Plants Don"t get more Expensive in Endless Mode- One hit kill all zombies- Slow bullets- Unhittable zombies- High gravity bullets- Plants shoot backwards- Freeze bullets- Infinite coins- Infinite chocolate- Infinite tree of wisdom fertilizer- Speedhack (4x slower), lets you slow down the game (with hotkeys)- Speedhack (5x faster), lets you speed up the game (with hotkeys)Update (2.0)- Infinite coins bug fixUpdate (3.0)- Added a second one hit kill script, this one works when you are in other levels lượt thích bowling or whack a zombie.!Rethành viên that you CANNOT enable both one hit kill scripts at the same time!Update (4.0)- Fixed display value stuck at 0 when infinite sun script is enabled.Update (5.0)- I changed all the existing scripts, they will enable và disable faster now.- Fixed the display value of the tree of wisdom fertilizer và chocolate.- Added speedhack, now you can speed up and slow down the game with hotkeys (thanks to lớn STN)Update (6.0)- Added the hit anywhere feature- Added slow bullets- Added unhittable zombies- Added high gravity bullets- Plants shoot backwards when enabled- Added a freeze bullets optionUpdate (7.0)- Invincible plants update (This will also work in the zombotany minigame now)- Added No zombies- Added inf lawnmowers- Added hungry Chompers- Reduced the CT file sizeUpdate (8.0) Final:- Added Auto Collect Sun & Coins (finally found this cheat, it took me a long time)- Added Instant Activate Potakhổng lồ Mine- Added Disable Cooldown for Cob Cannon- Added Disable/Heal Ground Damage- Added Disable Magnet-shroom Cooldown- Added Plants Don"t get more Expensive in Endless Mode- Fixed the One Hit Kill all Zombies script. It"s just one script that works for the normal levels và for the walnut bowling levels now.Note:When you want lớn use the no zombies script in the Dr.Zomtrùm revenge minigame, you have khổng lồ wait until the first zombie is dropped & then enable the sript. Otherwise the game will crash. Have sầu fun
.All feedbachồng is welcome! Pm me for other cheat requests.