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Bora (보라) is a South Korean actress under Hook Entertainment and former thành viên of SISTAR và its subgroup SISTAR19 under Starship Entertainment.

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Stage Name: Bora (보라)Birth Name: Yoon Bo Ra (윤보라)Birthday: December 30, 1989Zodiac sign: CapricornNationality: KoreanHeight: 165 cm (5’5″)Weight: 46 kilogam (101 lbs)Blood Type: OInstagram: 

Bora facts:– Birthplace: South Jeolla, South Korea.– Family: Mother, older brother; Yoon Jaesuk.– Her father passed away due lớn gastric cancer the day of her audition khổng lồ JYP. Entertainment.– She was the main rapper, main dancer, vocacác mục & visual of SISTAR (2010-2017).– In 2011, she và Hyolyn debuted in a sub-unit of SISTAR called SISTAR19 where she served as the main rapper, main dancer and vocadanh mục.– Her favorite color is purple. (Bora means ‘purple’ in Korean)– Used to lớn be a member of the one time sub-unit Mystic WHITE with ex-4Minute’s Gayoon, ex-SECRET’s Sunhwa, ex-After School’s Lizzy, và ex-KARA’s Jiyoung.– Bora was in the tv show “A Style For You”, along with late Hara, ex-KARA, Hani, EXID & Heechul, Super Junior.– In June 2017, it was confirmed that she’s dating Feeldog.– Bora has acted in ‘Shut Up Family’ (2012 – cameo ep. 22), ‘Doctor Stranger’ (2014), ‘The Flatterer’ (2015), ‘High-End Crush’ (2015), ‘A Korean Odyssey"(2017), ‘Quiz of God’ (2018), ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ (2020) etc.– After SISTAR’s disbandment, Bora left Starship Entertainment and signed as an actress with Hook Entertainment.– In 2018, she was a special MC for Mnet’s Produce 48.– In early 2019 it was announced that Bora và Feeldog had ended their relationship.– Bora’s ideal type: “My ikhuyến mãi type is Song Joong Ki. Since the beginning of my debut, it’s always been Song Joong Ki. I’ve sầu talked on the phone with him on broadcast và I’ve also coincidentally seen hlặng , but I’m simply a bạn.” However, when asked if she would date her igiảm giá type she said she wouldn’t “I think my fantasy of hyên would shatter if I were to date him. I like things the way they are now.”

Bora Awards:2013 KBS Entertainment Awards | Best Rookie Award (“Music Bank”)

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